Co-Chairs: Maurizio Castelletti, European Commission and María Álvarez, ADIF

Created: Decision of PRIME 10, 12 June 2017

The objective of the subgroup is to ensure compliance between infrastructure managers’ charging systems and EU legislation, in order to guarantee optimal competitiveness of international rail services and to ensure the efficient use of the railway networks.


The Subgroup will aim to enhance the cross-border cooperation between infrastructures managers and share best practices in terms of charging policies within the legal framework as referred in Directive 2012/34/EU (Art. 29 to 36) and to discuss the application of cooperation in relation to charging systems on more than one network as foreseen in Article 37.


The issues treated in this subgroup include for instance the calculation of direct costs, choice of charging parameters, definition of market segments and mark-ups, performance schemes.

There is no intention to harmonise track access charges across Europe.