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Finlex is a legal databank with over thirty databases. Legislative information in Finlex is organised into six databases.

It includes, among other things:

  • The database of translations of Finnish acts and decrees, including translations of Finnish Acts of Parliament (mostly in English)
  • The consolidated texts of acts and decrees (in Finnish and in Swedish)
  • A reference database that includes a list of changes made to any act or decree
  • Sámi language acts and decrees.

The translations of Finnish Acts and decrees (mostly in English) are in one database. The original texts of Acts and decrees are in separate databases. The most recent Acts are found in the electronic statutes of Finland.

Case law in Finlex consists of over ten databases. These include the precedents set by the Supreme Court and cases of the Supreme Administrative Court, the courts of appeal, the administrative courts and special courts.

Other Finlex databases include international treaties, secondary legislation and government bills.

Access to the database is free of charge.

EU countries

N-Lex provides a single entry point to the national law databases on individual EU countries.

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