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Microdata Access Workflow Tool

Microdata Access Workflow Tool

In order to use the workflow tool, you need to have an EU login account allowing two-factor authentication. That means that you must register your mobile phone number in your EU-login account or install the EU-login application on your smartphone, see instructions here: Note that we only accept EU logins linked to professional email addresses (NOT ACCEPTED: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or similar private addresses). 

All EU login accounts have to be validated by us. After adding your mobile phone to your EU login account, please try to log in to our system ("EU Login" button). If your account is blocked, please write to in order to have your account validated.

Read the Microdata Access Workflow Tool User Guide before you start!

WARNING: due to scheduled maintenance, the microdata workflow tool will be unavailable on Monday, 23 January 12:00-18:00