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In the context of power grid development, Field visits are a comparatively innovative and unconventional channel for local stakeholders and project developers (especially TSOs) to get together in an informal way in the vicinity of an existing transmission line in order to learn about each other’s concerns about a specific grid project. Field trips of TSOs, local communities and partner institutions, such as community colleges and regional universities, to existing high-voltage power lines usually take place to bridge the gap between project developers and local affected communities – typically in light of a specific concern that Adjacent communities have, e.g. regarding Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and visual impact of overhead lines. Alternatively, field trips can be undertaken to examine on site some examples of Compensation measures that have been put in place by TSOs, especially visible environmental measures like creation of habitats to make up for the impact of a project on the flora and fauna around it. 

A field trip may – for instance – take the form of a get-together or informal meeting in the countryside around a transmission line or can take place as a bus trip organised by the TSO where affected families from a local community go on an excursion to an existing project. The idea of the field trip is to render a power grid project less abstract and more tangible for affected citizens, so that they can better understand the features of a future project that may concern them personally. 

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The field visit is explorative in nature and should familiarise local stakeholders with the Technical details of the project – for instance the actual EMF intensity for overhead, high-voltage power lines. Field visits are a very hands-on approach to experiencing the technology of transmission lines – for instance when allowing participants to personally measure the EMFs around a power line with certified devices in order to compare the actual intensity with legal limits and regulations.

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  • How can Technical details of the project like the voltage level be made as tangible as possible in the context of the specific project that is being visited?

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