User guides

Policy Makers

As a National or regional policy maker, this toolkit helps you to better engage with your constituents and other stakeholders involved in activities related to grid development projects. As a policy maker, you may be involved in setting the high-level policy decisions that establish the need for grid projects and set their overall direction.

Local stakeholders

Will a grid development project potentially affect you directly, your city, your community or your region? Many people are concerned about being impacted by a grid development project. Actually, it is a real advantage that you are not the first one to be influenced by a grid development project because there are a lot of lessons learnt about how concerns of affected local stakeholders – e.g.

Environmental NGOs

As an Environmental NGO, you have an active role to play in all stages of a grid development project, from the earliest stages of high-level need determination and grid planning through the Operation stage. The toolkit will guide you through some of the ways in which you may contribute your thematic and technical expertise, raise awareness about environmental impacts, play an active role in discussions with other stakeholders and serve as a key multiplier to keep the public informed about important aspects of the project.


As representative of a TSO this toolkit helps you to identify relevant aspects for communication and stakeholder involvement activities surrounding grid development projects. While your company might already deal with several of these aspects, this toolkit can help you identify specific elements that your company might not have included yet in its communication strategy.