Communication formats


A Presentation slide deck is a set of slides which usually presents information in a synthetic way, and may include text (usually in short bullet points), images, graphics and other elements.

Presentation slides can serve as a basis for an oral Presentation of different contents related to a grid development project, in which they are often supplemented with additional oral information or commentary, or can act as standalone and self-sufficient content bearers that can be viewed by audiences, for example in paper hand-outs or online.


Infographics (short for “information graphics”) are visualisations of data or ideas that try to convey complex information in a manner that can be quickly received and easily understood. They are also referred to as “explanation graphics” as they merge different content elements, e.g. geographic and technical information.


Exhibitions involve the presentation of several photographs, posters, maps or other images, 3D models, videos and/or interactive digital displays in a single public space. They are commonly hosted by the project developers but a collective effort of other stakeholders (e.g. communities, elected officials/mayors, NGOs) is possible and desirable.

Exhibitions are focused on visual presentation of information, though images may be accompanied by short explanatory texts and/or an Exhibition brochure or booklet.