Communication contents

Compensation measures

Compensation measures are benefits or mitigation measures which can help compensate for the direct or indirect impacts of the project. Compensation measures can be negotiated early on in the project, and can provide an opportunity to introduce a positive element to a grid project to the local stakeholders potentially raising acceptance.

In general, a differentiation can be made between two categories of Compensation measures:

Information on project developers

The stakeholders having the responsibility for the Planning, Construction and Operation of grid projects are typically called project developers. While usually only TSOs fall into the narrower definition of this category, it makes sense to also include other stakeholders within the definition who assume the responsibility for crucial aspects of grid development projects.

Project location/Map

The location of a power grid is one of the most important contents for all stakeholders of a grid development project: The position of a grid tells citizens, Land owners and local governments if their settlement zones or estates are concerned, it helps environmentalists to elaborate and assess if protected areas might be threatened and Experts/Academia as well as the media can assess and inform about the relevant corridors.

Technical details of project

Grid development projects are technically complex undertakings. It is a crucial condition for transparent, rational and constructive dialogue that stakeholders get informed regarding the Technical details of a project. Important Technical details regarding grid-related health issues, the visual and the environmental impact of grid lines, the effect a given grid line has on the security of supply as well as the costs a grid project entails.

Project timetable

A Project timetable is a plan that designates the times when certain events occur or are scheduled to occur. With regards to grid projects this might include all events of importance to the grid project such as events within a communication campaign steered by a TSO or dates for milestones in Planning, Construction and Operation of the project.