European Road Safety Charter
15-17 Adolescenten

15-17 Adolescenten

Our school was chosen as a school ambassador and carrier for the Day project without mobile phones. Our students, together with our Police department and interior ministry, warned the public of the danger of using mobile phones in traffic.The project is conceived so that in the first year of campaigning (2017) except the announcement campaign will be announced on October 21st as the Day Without Mobile Phones.

The project has been approved and financially backed by the National Security Program

The traffic police students participated in the online High School Contest competition in the knowledge of traffic regulations, which lasted from 1.10.2018 to 30.11.2018. The students completed the tests and learned online through the web application on traffic regulations and had an exam from each lecture.

We all know that Children try and copy their parents behaviour in almost all aspects and same is the case in driving and when they are on road,in India almost all children learn road safety from their parents when they are travelling with them as formal road safety training is not taught to...
The education giving them will be implemented after leaving hospitals by telling drivers against the intake of alcohol, shun narcotic drugs and have prior knowledge of traffic safety, they should not over-speed.
We are addressing the problem of mobile phone use whilst driving. It is a problem that we have noticed in our area and one we hope to raise awareness of. You are 24 times more likely to crash when you are sending a text message whilst driving. We hope children will remind their parents to stop...
DDAD Academy constitutes an innovative prevention strategy device based on individual experience (alcohol driving simulation) and reasonable arguments instead of deterrence: The main tool of DDAD Academy is the innovative Virtual Reality Drink Driving Simulator, the first of its kind in Europe.<...
A big percentage of road accident victims in Cyprus and the rest of Europe are young people under the age of 25, many of them not wearing helmets.<br>As a pioneering member of the European Road Safety Charter since 2004, Cyta always believed that it is very essential to start educating and...

Gran jornada la que vivimos el pasado viernes en una actividad de Seguridad Vial en la localidad de CAMAS.

Se trató de una charla, a 200 alumnos de 4° E.S.O. sobre el uso del casco tanto en moto, bicicletas, patines y vehículos eléctricos de desplazamiento individual.

La llegada de más de 20 motocicletas a la plaza del Ayuntamiento, donde nos estaban esperando, fue la primera sorpresa para los jóvenes que posteriormente siguieron la charla en el Salón de Plenos con bastante atención.

Nuevamente, con nuestros Voluntarios y amigos de ÁNGELES VERDES, FORO HARLEY, LOS REFUGIADOS, ORIPPO, BACCA y otros MOTEROS LIBRES que se han sumado a nuestra causa, hicimos -el miércoles 13 de marzo- una nueva actividad de Seguridad Vial en el IES TORREBLANCA.

Primero entramos en el patio para enseñarles nuestras máquinas y luego les hablamos a unos 90 alumnos sobre la importancia de ayudarnos a SALVAR VIDAS de todos sus familiares y amigos, haciendo que siempre usen el casco en cualquier vehículo de 2 ruedas que utilicen.


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