European Road Safety Charter
accidentes in itinere

accidentes in itinere

EN: In the peak hour, factory accesses are highly frequented by employees commuting by collective transport or their own vehicles. The employee’s representation, plant engineers and the occupational health and safety department cooperated to identify possible risks of traffic accidents and to take appropriate measures to eliminate those risks. [learn more from the article below]

EN: SEAT disposes of one of Spain’s most developed systems of employee transport. It ensures the work force’s access to the three SEAT plants in the province of Barcelona, improves road safety for employees and also contributes to the relieving of traffic in the regarding region. [Learn more from the article below]

EN: If driving a car is part of your work, it is necessary to dispose of skills in driving safely. Therefore, SEAT implemented the training “Prevention of Risks of Driving”. Between September and December, 255 SEAT employees from production and quality assurance participated. [Learn more from the article below]

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