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The European Road Safety Charter workshop took place on 26th September 2019 in Riga, at the EU House of Latvia.

The workshop gathered national and local authorities’ representatives, public stakeholders and the civil society. The presentation addressed the road safety situation in the country, as well as examples of best practice in improving the safety of road users.

The Finnish ERSCharter network convened some twenty people in a member event held in Helsinki on Monday, 30 September to hear international speakers from the network and other Finnish members and to get actively involved in road safety work. The practical arrangement of the event, called by ERSC coordinator Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona, were taken care of by the Finnish Crash Data Institute (OTI). The networks divided into several country groups, with Danelli-Mylona coordinating from within Greece the group into which Finland also belonged.

Hosted by the Road Safety Authority, Health and Safety Authority and An Garda Síochán, the ERSharter seminar of Ireland took place the 10th of October in Dublin. Called « Driving for work », the seminar focused on the Work-related road safety issues and more specifically on Grey Fleet management. The main objective of the seminar was to give employers tools to implement employees targeted road safety measures and to create awareness around the grey fleet problematic.

Με τον καλύτερο τρόπο, με τη μαζική συμμετοχή παιδιών, υλοποιήθηκε η Ευρωπαϊκή δράση «EDWARD» από την Αντιδήμαρχο Κοινωνικής Προστασίας, Παιδείας, Πολιτισμού και Νεολαίας, κα Σοφία Μαυρίδη.Το πρόγραμμα «EDWARD», Ευρωπαϊκή Ημέρα Χωρίς Κανένα Νεκρό στο Δρόμο, οργανώθηκε από την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή και συμμετείχαν πόλεις από όλη την Ευρώπη με την Ασπρόπυργο να είναι η μοναδική εκπρόσωπος της Ελλάδας.

EL CINTURÓN DE SEGURIDAD ES UN SEGURO DE VIDA. No hay que olvidarse de él y llevarlo siempre abrochado, tanto en carretera como en ciudad.