European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

RATMED.PL is a leading medical rescue website (EMS) in Poland. It offers daily medical press reviews, articles, news, pictures and information about rescue equipment. It has a forum with many articles, news items, pictures and information on rescue equipment. It has 5,000 registered users and 13 employees.

Municipality of Gdynia

Gdynia is a harbour city in the Pomeranian province, with a population of 255,000. Together with the cities of Gdansk and Sopot, it forms the Tri-City agglomeration of almost 0.8 million inhabitants. Gdynia covers an area of 136 square km.

Centrum Bezpieczenstwa Ruchu Drogowego

The centre for traffic safety works to improve traffic safety, as well as disseminate and promote first aid skills. It also implements national traffic safety programmes. The centre is an organizer of BLS Provider and Instructor courses and producer first aid kits. 

Road Sign Design - Jerzy Gruszczynski

The main activity of Road Sign Design Company “Jerzy Gruszczynski” includes graphic design and road sign system design. The company employs from 1 to 2 people depending on workload.


Automobilklub Polski

The Polish Automobile Club operates in the Mazovia region, particularly in the city of Warsaw. Its principal activity is to promote the knowledge of motorcycling, tourism for people using motorised vehicles, motor sports and road safety. It was established in 1909 and has 200 members.

Fundacja KRZYS

KRZYS foundation has developed a designated driver campaign which concentrates on risk of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. KRZYS aims to decrease the numbers of victims caused by drunk drivers.

Job Safety

Job Safety is one of few Polish Educational Centres, which claims that their main aim is to transform the theoretical knowledge about the safety and sanitation of work into practical values. Trying to provide our customers with the highest qualities of training we cooperate with professional lecturers and specialists who professionally deal with questions of bhp, ppoż, HACCP or rescue, with experience in teaching as well as have a wide knowledge about the subject of the training.

Grupa IMAGE Sp. z o.o.

Grupa IMAGE Sp. z o.o. was founded since 1989 and employs 17 people. Mission of the company is strengthening driving and road safety education. It offers manuals, films, presentations and software, and introduces into the market new technologies connected to road education.

Kindergarden No 9

Przedszkole 9 (Kindergarden No 9) for children aged 3 - 6 years, it employees 20 people and has approximatley 110-115 children attending each year.

Szkola Jazdy HigH

Szkola Jazdy HigH focuses on training candidates for categories B and motorcyclists. Currently we employ 18 people, including 16 instructors.


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