European Road Safety Charter

Awarness campaign about safe cycling in the winter

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In 1995 the Fietsersbond started with a small booth to organise a bicycle light check up in the Autum (changing summer to wintertime). Nowadays we do organise it every year in Autum in several places in the region. At first without any partner. In 2017 it was organised as a total bicycle safety check up. We did this together with the police, the regional road safety counsel, several municipalities, the national organisation preventing bicycle thefts and the ANWB. The result of this campaign is not just better preprepared safe cyclist in the winter, but also cooperation with between the different stakeholders in improving the safe infrastructure. In the beginning we did present it just as a serious awareness campaign. Nowadays we also bring it with a smile. The combination of fun, awareness and different stakeholders does make it to a every year expending happening, not just for the cyclists, but also for the local media and the stakeholders. Nowadays we combine the campaign with the European Mobilityweek (the start). After that start we organise it every fortnight on a Saturday in one of the cities in the region. In the city of Dordrecht it is always organised at the changing of the summer to wintertime. In 2017 we did organise it already for over 50 times.