European Road Safety Charter

4th UN Global Road Safety Week

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- Printing "SaveLives #SlowDown" banners, signboards and T-shirts - Attending Urban Planning Conference and ask all of the attendants to hold the signboard and take a picture with that - A national photo contest through social media (more than 50 persons with 160 photos participated and 5 top pictures received honorable mention and trophies) - Asking famous football and tennis players, bicyclists to support the campaign (took a lot of time but it was worth it) - Creating 2 videos which were released through social media - Translating the information, toolkits, etc. on the global site and ask the relevant organizations to plan an activity for the week - Talking with journalist and TV reporters to publish our activities in local media - Sending our activities photos to UNGRSW team and fortunately, they are using our photos in their communications and disseminations - Planning a Road Safety Workshop for local traffic experts - Talking with Ecotourism and Eco-friendly groups to support the campaign at least in one of their day tours - Distribution of stickers for taxi drivers with title of the week and the sentence: "I respect the speed limit" - Going to some schools (and Children Traffic Park) and talk about the week and some related safety related issues, distribute some materials and take pictures with the RS week logo - On 23th Sat. I was invited to the National Ceremony of the 4th UN Road Safety Week in Tehran and presented what we have done in our province - Hold a slowdown day with Traffic Police, Municipality, Road Ministry, EMS , ask some high-speed drivers to stop and talking with them about the week and give them brochures instead of the ticket and ask to slowdown. - Establishment of Telegram group to inform about the road safety week. The group was not a public group, but the members were from the key stakeholders in road safety.