European Road Safety Charter
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Susan Saliba

As a teacher, participating in the European Road Safety Charter's challenge for schools was a new experience for me as I had never before participated in activities regarding road safety. The students have been very enthusiastic with the activities included in the project, especially the interviews shown in the news and in a television programme dedicated to Road Safety. They also enjoyed sharing their background knowledge about Road Safety and acquiring new information. Hopefully, this will help to make driving in Malta safer in the future."

Miroslava Petarcheva

Our participation in a road safety project was very entertaining as well as educational. The participants in the project who created the presentations had the chance to put into practice different skills. We would like to recommend other schools to participate in road safety educational projects.

Donna Price

Working together with our colleagues in FEVR and in the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety & Road Victims -advocating for Road Victims - working to reduce road dangers - working to improve information, protection and supports for Road traffic Victims and for their bereaved families. Together, we can save lives and prevent needless suffering and loss of life.

Cristina Hatulescu

One man, one car, one road - three elements of which only one is alive and able to react. We can enhance the vehicle's performance, we can improve the road infrastructure, but the driver’s attitude remains essential. Therefore, road safety education will never become obsolete. On the contrary, it is necessary for it to become a permanent until, through repetition, it will be able to modify driving behavior.

Craig Waters

About young people, alcohol use & drink driving: 'I find young males are not major risk takers . Yes they have all the youthful exuberance but risk taking is a personality dynamic and not found in the majority of personality types. Females are showing up in crashes at a higher rate than males. I find all drivers who complete processes that are not built from a low risk process are inadvertently taking a high risk, even though it's not deliberate. Crash recording data does not have deliberate risk taking males as a high volume of crashes, in fact it's very low. Media has it high because it sells.'