European Road Safety Charter
The Charter across Europe


Albert Vilatarsana Silvestre

As director of public security of Sant Boi de Llobregat, especially I appreciate small as creative initiatives which, together, become great strides to improve road safety. So I want to share with you our concept of "postural response to the impact." In the past 4 years, 16% of our population under 16 years old, had been accumulating 9% of road harmfulness. That seemed to us exaggerated within a conglomerate that includes two segments, such as children and preteens, less autonomous mobility and more adult supervision than others. Speaking with tutors and parents, we realized that many injuries occurred in the context of minor accidents, on foot, by bicycle or scooter due to erroneous impact bodily responses. So we decided to train children to learn how to accommodate the body, preparing it for trauma and fall with less risk of injury, conferiendo greater protection by preventing the joints and bone fractures.

Mario Netzov

Although not my main responsibility at our club (UAB), Road Safety has become more and more a part of my job and life. Through the Charter, we have managed to learn a lot of new facts about safety, prevention and even more - how to communicate road safety with citizens in our country. As we are traditionally involved in Road safety campaigns with drivers and pedestrians, we are currently focused more on child safety. We believe that, if we manage to teach the youth how to protect themselves and others, at an early age, we won't need to do that when they become adults. Time is of essence and with the experience we had with the charter, we will be able to save more lives. Thank you all :)

Pierre Vella

The Malta Road Safety Council has been in operation since 2015, being a small island does not spare us the issue of road safety, we do have road accidents including fatalities but the council has managed to create a national awareness towards the importance of being cautious on our roads, not just the drivers but also all car passengers and road users especially pedestrians. We have been quite active but our biggest source of energy came from children in schools who are very conscious of the dangers around them and they genuinely want to support the issue of road safety. The European Road Safety Chapter contacted us in this regard and have supported us tremendously with particular school getting in contact with the chapter. We feel that council should belong to all road users, together we can make a difference. Together we can achieve with reducing road accidents.

Kleanthis Savvides

Through all these years of my experience with road safety, I have come across a beautiful image with a solid and clear message in our own workplace, last year. Best thing about it, is that it was not even one of the many actions implemented by management...!During a walk at our premises' parking, I saw a parked vehicle of an employee, with a child's drawing hanging next to the steering wheel.It said : "Aunt-Uncle don't speed...I love you, Angela".I was very amazed to see this and immediately took a picture. The children know the way and give the right example, we just need to listen to them and if not for us, we should be careful for them!

Gabriel Kardos

We are proud to be members of the European Road Safety Charter as our organization is committed to the health and safety of our drivers around the world. Your work is helping to save lives and reduce crashes and for that we are all gratefull.