European Road Safety Charter
About the Charter


How do I join the ERSC?

With an existing EU login

  1. Go to the ERSC login page at this address:
  2. You will be directed to the EU login page
  3. Enter your EU email address and password
  4. You will be taken to the ERSC new user signup page
  5. Fill in the blank boxes (mandatory boxes are marked with an *)
  6. Once completed click save
  7. You will receive an email confirming the ERSC team have received your application
  8. The ERSC team will review your application
  9. If more information is needed you will receive an email asking for the required information
  10. If all the information is there you will receive an email confirming your membership
  11. Once your membership is confirmed you will receive an email with ERSC visuals such as logos and banners

Without an existing EU login

  1. Go to the EU login page at this address:
  2. Click create an account
  3. If you wish to migrate your existing ERSC account use the same email address
  4. You will be directed to the EU signup page
  5. Fill in the blank boxes
  6. Read the privacy statement and tick the box
  7. Click create an account
  8. You will receive a confirmation email
  9. Click the link provided in the email
  10. You will be directed to the create a new password page
  11. Enter a password of your choice in the blank boxes
  12. Click submit
  13. Proceed to the ‘With an existing EU login’ section above

If you are having trouble with creating an EU login visit the EU login help page:

Once your account is validated, you will have access to your personal page of the “My charter” ERSC to specify your commitment to road safety but also to share events, testimonials and other useful information to the community.

Note that documents and tools are available to help you with your road safety action plan:

What is an EU login?

The EU login authentication service (formerly ECAS) is a user authentication system for a wide range of European Commission information systems. Every time you use a website that requires an EU login, you will be redirected to the EU login page. If you already have an ECAS account, you do not have to create a new EU login account.

How can an existing ERSC member migrate to an EU login?

If your EU login uses the same email address as your existing ERSC account, your account will automatically be migrated. If your EU login uses a different email address you can either create a new EU login with your ERSC email address or contact the helpdesk at: and we can manually migrate your account to your preferred email address.

What does it mean to be a member?

Joining the ERSC implies that you take one or more actions to improve road safety in your environment. Your commitment to road safety should be detailed and shared on your company profile on the ERSC website.

How do I submit a good practice?

The application for good practices is done entirely online via your personal page. Log in with your account and go to the following page: . Please complete the entire form and pay attention to the indicators and your evaluation process, these aspects are essential.

What visual materials are available to members?

Please use the visual kit specially created for members, you will find it in your introduction email to the ERSC. If you cannot find this email please request a new visual kit from the helpdesk: Please note: logos used cannot give the impression that the event/publication/project where the member refers to is a project directly organized by the EC or the ERSC

I have forgotten my username/password

  1. Go to the EU login page at this address:
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click on ‘Lost your password?’
  4. Enter the code
  5. You will receive an email to set a new password
  6. Follow the link in the email and fill in the blank boxes

Can you promote/sponsor our event?

Unfortunately, we are unable to promote / sponsor your event. However, we invite you to share your event on the ERSC site via your personal page, so it will be visible to all site visitors.

Can we invite you to present the ERSC at our event?

Send all key details and information to our helpdesk: for review and we will get back to you

I cannot see my event/activity/good practice on the website

It is likely that is event/activity/good practice is still pending approval. Contact us at: for confirmation that we have received your event/activity/good practice.

For any further questions please contact us at: