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Germany | Annual Report of Market Transparency Unit for Fuels

Germany | Annual Report of Market Transparency Unit for Fuels

The Bundeskartellamt has published its current annual report on the work of its Market Transparency Unit for Fuels. 

Andreas Mundt, President of the Bundeskartellamt: “There are still considerable differences in the price of petrol at different times of the day and between the various petrol stations. Consumers can take advantage of this and save money with the information provided by the Market Transparency Unit and a fuel prices app. We have observed that the daily pricing pattern has changed in recent weeks. However, the daily up and down price movements are generally well predictable and certain petrol stations are nearly always much cheaper than others. During a single day prices at local petrol stations fluctuate by as much as 20 cents per litre. Prices are usually lowest later in the evening. It is worth planning your route to work or a holiday trip a bit ahead. Especially in the holiday periods you should bear in mind that motorway petrol stations are on average 15 cents per litre more expensive than other petrol stations. Already the off-motorway service areas and petrol stations often located directly next to a motorway exit are in many cases a considerably cheaper alternative.”

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