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Proposed EMODNET logos

Published on: Tue, 29/09/2009 - 08:41
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    Attached you will find three different proposals for the EMODNET logotype, collected in a document where I have given brief explanations of the thinking behind the different alternatives. Please note that the proposals aren't final, but that they represent three different ideas and concepts. Once you have decided in which direction you want to proceed, we will discuss typography, colours and alternative sizes and colourways in detail. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or remarks on the proposals.

    Best regards,

    Jorun Boklöv

    logo logo 2 emodnet logo 3
    This proposal plays with the idea of an eye that represents living creatures in the seas. The eye also serves as a metaphor for observation. The curve at the bottom can be seen both as the sea floor and as an example of statistical data output. This proposal is based on small structures that form a larger unit together. Like a school of fish, the waves of the ocean or a network of observatories. The shapes can either form an ‘e’ or an eye – again refering to observatories. Three stylized waves that can be displayed in different shades of sea blue or in one colour. Obviously, the waves refer to the sea and the marine environment, but together, they also form an E, linking to the name of the network.