Maritime forum


Event date:
19/10/2010 - 15:00
08:30 - 09:00 Registration
09:00 - 10:00

Opening Session

  • Government of Galicia, Mr Alberto NUNEZ FEIJOO
    - Ministry of Fisheries,
  • European Commission Directorate General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries; Mr Ernesto PENAS LADO;
  • European Commission Directorate General Regional Policy : Mr. Rudolf NIESSLER;
  • Key-note speech on Smart Specialisation Strategies. Prof Dominique FORAY
10:00- 11:40

Panel Discussion I: Information, communication and technologies in the fisheries industries Moderated by Mr Slawomir Tokarski, Head of Unit, EC. DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries:

  1. ICT innovations in fisheries sector: the experience of the Dutch Fisheries Innovation Platform-NL
    Speaker: Mr. Frans Vroegop (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Secretary Fisheries Innovation Platform).
  2. ICT tools for the fishery Industry in the Baltic Sea area -FI
    Speaker: Mr Guy Svanbäck. (Manager, Ostrobothnian Fisheries Association, Ostrobothnia).
  3. IT Knowledge management for the Fish Cluster in Galicia.
    Speaker: Dr. José Cabanelas Omil (Professor at Vigo University)-SP
  4. “Ports Viewer" project to assess infrastructure investment in fishing ports -SP
    Speaker: Mr Jose Luis Gonzalez Serrano (Deputy Director General Secretaria del Mar)
  5. Round table discussion
11:40 – 12:00 – Coffee break
12:00 – 13:40

Panel Discussion II: Energy/Environment (renewable energy in coastal areas)
Moderated by Mr Mikel Landabaso, Head of Unit EC DG Regional Policy

  1. Project on Wave Energy generation in Cornwall County: a successful experience of renewable generation in a fishing community. UK
    Speaker: Mr Tim German. (Green Cornwall Programme, Environment Planning and Economy).
  2. Azores Pico Station wage energy generation project: PT Outermost region
    Speaker: Dr. Ana Brito e Melo, senior staff of the Wave Energy Centre, Secretary of the Implementing Agreement on Ocean Energy of the International Energy Agency
  3. Projet « I.T.S.A.S.O.A. » : Structuration de la filière courte de valorisation directe des Huiles Végétales Pures en Pays Basque. FR
    Speaker: representative of project
  4. Project of “SkySails-System” for fishing trawlers. "First Fishing Trawler Sets Sail" – DE
    Speaker: representative of project
  5. Round table discussion
13:40– 15: 00 - Break for lunch
15:00 – 16:40

Panel Discussion III: Coastal, fishing tourism and other activities of economic diversification
Moderated by Eleni Marianou –General Secretary CRPM

  1. La stratégie de développement touristique de Saint-Martin. Collectivité de Saint-Martin. FR-Outermost region
    Speaker: Mr. Daniel Gibbs (1er vice président Saint Martin collectivité)
  2. Economic diversification experience of region Marche. IT
    Speaker: Mr. Giancomo Candi
  3. GUIMATOUR/Delciattaseem of barnacle. Shellfish gatherers (mariscadoras) managing a successful experience of fishing-cultural tourism and economic diversification. SP
    Speaker: representatives of mariscadoras association of Cambados and Baiona.
  4. Diversificationa and aquaculture innovation in inland waters.
    Speaker: Mr. Ing. Pavel Kozák., University of South Bohemia
  5. Round table discussion
16:40 – 17:00 Coffee break
17:00 - 18:40

Panel Discussion IV: Fishing, aquaculture and fish processing industries
Moderated by Ms Veronika Veits. Head of Unit, EC DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries:

  1. European Fisheries Technology Platform
    Speaker: Ms-Rosa Fernandez (CETMAR-technical secretariat EFTP)
  2. Prototype designs for valorisation in the fish value chain.-SP
    Speaker: Dr. Rogelio Pozo (AZTI)
  3. Innovation and Seafood Development Centre BIM. IE
    Speakers: Dr. Susan Steele (BIM)
  4. Project INTERACTT Interregional Action for Technology Transfer in Aquaculture. (Canary, Azores islands -ES and PT outermost regions- and Greece- EL-).
    Speaker: Dr. Nikos Papandroulakis
  5. Round table discussion
18:40 -19:00 Closing session /remarks by DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and DG Regional Policy
20:30 Buffet dinner offered by Galician Regional Government, Xunta de Galicia.