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Colloque “Mer agitée, mer à gérer. Vers un aménagement de l'espace maritime.” / Symposium “Rough sea, sea to manage. Towards a management of maritime space.”

Event date:
07/06/2010 - 09:00
Table of Contents

    7 June


    This multidisciplinary symposium has the ambition to constitute a high level scientific meeting, but also to allow exchanges between scientists, managers and users involved in maritime issues. The following topics, among others, will be addressed:

    - the growing needs and pressures exerted on the marine environment,  

    - the urgent need of sea management : data, tools, stakeholders, management devices, etc.  

    the question of assessment will be central: how assess needs and pressures? how assess management?




    Organiser:  FED 4111 "Pôle Mer et Littoral", University of Nantes