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Marine litter - working group (4.7) RESTRICTED EVENT

Event date:
19/05/2010 - 11:15 to 13:00
Table of Contents

    Marine litter is the term use for any man-made object present in the marine and coastal environment. Marine litter is disturbing the planet’s coastal ecosystems, leading to dramatic consequences for the environment and its species. Almost 90 per cent of floating marine debris is plastic. In this workshop we will highlight the marine litter issue and we will discuss on how to deal with plastics waste management from water.


    P R O G R A M M E  

    Wednesday 19, 11:15-13:00   

    Room: Sala Paraninfo (Laboral) 


    CHAIR: Nathalie Van Den Broeck, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Head of labs and Mediterranean sea coordination department   

    Antidia Citores, Environment law expert, Surfrider Foundation Europe   

    Alexandre Dangis, The Confederation of plastic converters and recyclers, (EuPC)   

    François Galgani, Expert on macro waste issues, French Research institute for exploitation of the sea (IFREMER)


    (Lead: Surfrider Foundation Europe)