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Mediterranean stories across borders: introducing this season's multi-lingual hosts and episodes

Published on: Tue, 26/07/2022 - 17:05
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    If Oceans Could Speak is back….what can you expect? What is different this season and where will this journey take us? Learn more about the new voices that bring you stories all across the Mediterranean. This season will be multilingual, capturing the voices and spirit of those that call the Mediterranean their home.

    This first episode connects right back where we left off…exploring together with Jen and Stefan the stories uncovered in the first season and how every person who loves the sea has a story to share. 

    But this second season takes us on a new journey: the Mediterranean Sea. As always, connections to the sea take on many forms and faces and we will make stops to listen to some truly amazing guests from all across the Mediterranean that are bringing their passion for the sea to their daily activities. 

    Have you ever wondered how political integration shapes the sea or how the sea shapes political integration? What challenges are facing women when it comes to the sea? Did you know that sports and being active not only makes us move but can also make the Mediterranean blue? Or that ocean literacy starts through the belly? 

    Building on the Mediterranean rich cultural identity,  this season we will be multilingual featuring stories in French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. To capture these voices, we have new hosts on board that help us dive into these new perspectives and communities. Thus, we welcome: 

    • Pierre Strosser for French
    • Anna Maria Marino for Italian
    • Francisco López Castejón for Spanish
    • & Vera Noon for Arabic (Lebanese)

    In this episode, we will navigate together the first waters of this season, learning more about the people behind the voices. What is their relationship with the sea? What makes the Mediterranean special? What stories will they uncover? 

    ''We use to  think about space when we talk about exploring frontiers. But the oceans remain largely unexplored'' (Francisco)


    ''The South Mediterranean is often associated with negative events. Conflicts, poverty, pollution. What I'm proud to say about the two episodes that I hosted is that they highlighted a completely different dimension. The amount of positivity and hope that surfaced in hard times, the light that shines amid the chaos that is the Mediterranean'' (Vera)


    Listen to this brief introduction to the new season and get excited to set sails to our first guest. The Mediterranean Sea truly is many things, full of inspiration and untapped potential. It is time that we listen to it!




    Here is the episode list of season 2 - Don't miss out on the transcripts and translation!

    [English] Episode 2: Together with fishers - building solutions together 

    [Arabic] Episode 3: Invasive species and other fishy things! 

    [Spanish] Episode 4: Empowering women in marine sciences 

    [French] Episode 5: Telling stories from under the sea

    [English] Episode 6: Connecting sports and Ocean Literacy!

    [Italian] Episode 7: Sustainable food, tradition and innovation around the Italian Coasts

    [Arabic] Episode 8: It's your sea, keep it clean! On a mission with SWIM LEBANON

    [English] Episode 9: The past, present and future of an integrated Mediterranean