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Call for Young Ocean Advocates – Healthy Ocean

Published on: Tue, 22/03/2022 - 12:58
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    The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling young people to submit projects dedicated to keeping our ocean healthy!

    Are you between 16 and 30 years old and:

    • Are you deeply concerned by the health of the Ocean and by the impacts of climate change?
    • Do you have a project in mind to tackle marine pollution from human activities?
    • Or maybe you organise Ocean literacy activities about sustainable seafood with children, other young people or a local community?
    • Or something completely different that you think has the potential to change things in this area?

    Then we are looking for you!

    The #Youth4Ocean Forum is launching a new call for project proposals, designed to promote the ideas of young change-makers! All across Europe, we are looking for young people who have developed or would like to develop a project to keep our Ocean healthy and clean and who are keen to become ‘Young Ocean Advocates’.

    We welcome applications from anyone involved or interested in the sustainable use of marine resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of marine ecosystems and the well-being of local communities.

    The deadline for submission is 30th April 2022.

    If your project is successful, you will be accredited as Young Ocean Advocate and you will enjoy a range of benefits and support for your project.

    Click HERE to learn more and to apply.

    What are we looking for?

    We are looking for all kinds of projects or project ideas that are related to the Arctic Ocean. You can find more information in the Guidelines which include a handy FAQ section.

    You should be:

    • 16–30 years old
    • From Europe/ or have a project (idea) focusing on a healthy Ocean.

    Your project or idea should be:

    • Focused on education; conservation; research, performing or visual arts; Blue Economy and entrepreneurship; fisheries and aquaculture; maritime or river transport; tourism; sports; etc.
    • Bringing a solution to a marine and/or social challenge, promoting sustainable development, community engagement, good practice and behaviour; etc.

    All kinds of ideas are welcome and there’s no limit to imagination!

    Special note for those in Italy or close to Italy: we have pre-booked stands at European Maritime Day in Ravenna on 19-21th May. If an event on site is allowed, you may be able to present your activity there!

    What do you get out of it?

    As a Young Ocean Advocate, you will have access to exclusive benefits and resources to make a positive change for the Ocean:

    • Your project and personal profile will be showcased in the Youth4Ocean Forum section on the Maritime Forum website of the European Commission, and promoted on social media by the EU4Ocean Coalition;
    • You will get support and guidance from members of the EU4Ocean Coalition, to help you carry out your activities;
    • You will have access to the coaching/mentoring programme of the EU4Ocean Coalition to develop your project and skills;
    • You will be able to attend events and network with leading experts, likeminded young people and professionals from all over Europe.
    • You will get access to tools and networks to promote ocean literacy in Europe.
    • You will be able to participate in EU4Ocean Coalition discussion groups on topics: Food from the Ocean, Climate & Ocean, Healthy & Clean Ocean;
    • And last but not least, you will be invited to participate in the EU4Ocean Summit (to be held at the European Maritime Day conference, Ravenna, Italy, 19-21 May 2022), get the chance to pitch your project and ideas in front of a broad audience; and to win an award for your project.


    Your project is not related to the topic of this call? You can still submit it!