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Master’s students organise conferences on marine resources and climate change for the local community in Northern France – 2021 edition

Published on: Fri, 18/02/2022 - 14:51
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    For the second year running, students of the Master’s degree in Marine Ecology and Fisheries of the Littoral Côte d’Opale University (Boulogne-sur-Mer, France) invited middle school students and the general public to attend a series of micro-conferences on 9th December 2021, in Nausicaá, National Sea Centre.

    Replicating last year’s successful partnership, 20 students enrolled in this course partnered with Nausicaá during the first term to practice their skills in marine science communication, and this collaboration culminated with a series of micro-conferences in December.
    They organised two short conferences for middle school students (40 mins) and covered fishing regulations, plastic pollution, biodiversity and climate change, and aquaculture as a solution to protect biodiversity. 
    In the evening they held one additional conference for the general public in Nausicaá’s auditorium. They presented solutions to protect marine resources and focused on algae aquaculture for a sustainable future.
    This successful initiative contributes to raising the ocean literacy of the local community, and shows school pupils that blue careers are accessible to anyone, no matter their gender or social background.
    The micro-conferences have been recorded and are available in French:

    Extinction ou évolution: l'adaptation des espèces aux changements globaux

    Pourquoi réguler la pêche ? Le plastique, de la mer à l'assiette

    La Vie Marine: Un Monde de ressources