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"Port & Maritime training & education" (2.2)

Event date:
20/05/2010 - 14:30 to 18:30
Table of Contents

    The Integrated Maritime Policy aims to raise the quality and skills of European maritime professionals in order to provide better resources to the entire European maritime cluster: ports, shipping, universities, coastal communities. and in this way to contribute to Europe's competitiveness as developed in the Integrated Maritime Policy Action Plan (section 4.3) and the Maritime Transport Strategy 2018 (Chapter 3 on the Human Resources). This is the main objective of this special joint workshop & roundtable. 


    P R O G R A M M E  

    Thursday,  20   14:30-18:30

    Room: Laboratorio de Sonido (Art Centre)


    Session 1 

    CHAIR:   Christina Vartsos-Tzannetakis, Directorate General Mobility and Transport, European Commission              

    John Hepburn - PROMARC, Promoting Maritime Research Careers, project  (Innovative approaches to promoting maritime careers)    

    Teresa Filignano, IPSEMA (Istituto di Previdenza per il Settore Marittimo), Italy           

    Nigel Rowe – SAIL Training (Education, development of young people, careers at sea)        

    Anne Devouche - Directorate General Mobility Transport, European Commission  (Social aspects of Works and Life at Sea)

    Juan Riva, Chairman ECSA (European Community Shipowner´s Association) 

    José Luis Diaz Rato, Director, Port of Gijón    

    Peter M. Swift, Managing Director, Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO)

    Session 2   

    CHAIR: Rosa Aza, University of Oviedo, Logistic & Transport Master, Director of Unversity School Jovellanos        

    Alan Graveson, European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) and NUMAST (UK Merchant Navy Officers Trade Union)  

    Fermín Rodriguez Gutierrez – CECODET, Cecodet (Centro de Cooperación y Desarrollo Territorial de la Universidad de Oviedo), Universidad Itinerante del Mar - Creoula    

    Frederic Frantz, Training Expert, UNCTAD, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development,  Train for Trade Course in Port Management      

    Jan Peters - Hogeschool In-Holland - International Training University of Applied Sciences   

    Federico Esteve Jaquotot, President of the Spanish Maritime Cluster    

    Lola Rodríguez, the Spanish Maritime Cluster Responsible for the Maritime Department

    Manuel Nadal de Uhler, STA-E, Sail Training Association, Spain


    (Lead: Port of Gijón)