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"Coastal and Maritime Tourism" (2.1)

Event date:
20/05/2010 - 14:30 to 18:30
Table of Contents

    The sea and tourism make up a sector that covers extremely important issues, such as quantifying the economic contribution made by maritime tourism, the development of marinas, environmental sustainability, promotion and commercialisation, the development of health products, and innovative techniques. Europe is taking these issues into account to develop a constructive approach that aims to make the best possible use of the value of coastal regions.


    P R O G R A M M E

    Thursday, 20 14:30-18:30 

      Room: Plataforma 2 (Art Centre)   


    CHAIR: Noelia Menéndez Díaz, Manager, Sociedad Regional de Turismo Principado de Asturias  

    SESSION I     

    Carlos Ruiz and Arturo González, INNOVAMAR Foundation, Spanish Ministry of Industry and Commerce

    Agustín Molina - Director Director, Coastal Studies Centre, Politechnical University of Madrid   

    Francesc Xavier Mangrané, President European Leisure Ports Federation         

    Javier Adame, Technical Manager of the Spanish Sport and Leisure Ports Federation     


    Philippe Boenëc - Députe de la Loire Atlantique, Maire de Pornic

    Albert Salman - Director General, Coastal &Marine Union (EUCC)  

    Joaquín Farnós, Chairman, Spanish Thalassotherapy Association

    Vice President responsible for Tourism, Brittany Region

    Pascual R. Fernández. Asturias Sailing Federation  

    Fritz Conyn, President of the European Boating Industry

    Eduardo Cozar, Head of the Environment Department in the Municipality of Calviá (Mallorca)

    José Ramón García López, Director, Asturias Maritime Museum (Luanco)               


     (Lead: Government of the Principality of Asturias)