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Photo exhibition SOCIB: "Researching the ocean, sharing the future"

Published on: Wed, 22/09/2021 - 15:12
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    Street event / Exhibition about a marine topic, including arts or photos

    Target audience: Public

    Language: Spanish/Catalan/English

    Format: on-site

    Mediterranean focus: Palmam Balearic islands, Spain

    Time: September 24, 18:00 CEST

    Duration: 3 hours

    Organised by
     Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB)



    In the frame of the European Researchers’ Night and the Mediterranean Coast Day, the Photo exhibition SOCIB: "Researching the ocean, sharing the future" will be available for visiting during next 24th September 2021. The exhibition will be located at the "Escalera Real" of the port of Palma, in front of the "Lonja", and its doors will be open from 18:00 to 21:00 CEST. Attendance requires mandatory use of a mask, in compliance with the COVID-19 protocol.


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