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Bringing Ocean and Climate to the classroom

Event date:
27/09/2021 - 16:00
Table of Contents
    This workshop will focus on bringing science and class activities on the topic of Ocean and Climate to schools in the Mediterranean.

    When: Monday 27 September from 15:30 – 17:00 CET

    Who: Presented by the EU4Ocean partners, led by EMSEA, and supported by ACTeon, Ciencia Viva and the European Commission, DG MARE.

    Places and certification: Maximum 100 teachers. After the completion of the workshop, participants get a certificate of participation.

    Language: English

    Cost: The workshop is free of charge.

    Format: The workshop will be held virtually


    Keynote speaker Filippo Giorgi, award-winning climate researcher and author of the IPCC reports, International Center of Theoretical Physics (ICTP)

    Melita Mokos, University of Zadar, EMSEA Med

    Giulia Realdon, University of Camerino (Italy), Ocean Literacy Italia

    Koen Timmers, Climate Action Project

    Marina Berthault, MED EDUC, Petra Patrimonia, Blue Schools Erasmus+

    Nathalie Van Isacker, EMODNET, European Atlas of the Seas

    Evy Copejans, Network of European Blue Schools, EMSEA

    Ocean and Climate

    The ocean is inextricably connected to our weather and climate. It mediates the temperature, rainfall, droughts, storms and floods. We are reaching a tipping point where rising air and water temperatures are melting the polar ice caps and glaciers, leading to a rise in sea levels, changing ocean currents, eroding of coastlines and placing coastal communities at the frontline of climate change. Climate change is causing ecosystems to alter states very rapidly; primary production, reproduction, species distributions, and abundance are all impacted. Combined with other devastating changes in habitats, the food web, and biodiversity, the added stress of climate change could cause major shifts in marine ecosystems. As the ocean responds to increasing carbon emissions, by storing more carbon in its marine waters, it becomes more acidic. Ocean acidification reduces the growth of marine species with shells and skeletal structures, affecting their survival and the survival of the vulnerable ecosystems that depend on them. All this will result in significant economic implications and other consequences for humanity. 

    The Mediterranean has been called a 'climate change hotspot'. Learn here what is happening and how you can bring the Ocean and Climate into your classes.

    Workshop objectives

    The European Commission challenges schools to Find the Blue and take the first steps to become agents for change and sustainability of the ocean and seas.  This workshop will focus on bringing the topic of Ocean and Climate to schools in the Mediterranean.

    The online workshop features presentations and class activities on a changing climate in the Mediterranean Sea by marine scientists and experienced educators who are renowned experts in their disciplines. You will learn the science while we mix in some practical tips and activities. 

    The workshop is designed for teachers of all grade levels. Teachers in science, arts, languages, sports, economics, and other school subjects are all invited to participate.

    After the workshop, you will:

    • Understand why and what you should teach about Ocean and Climate.
    • Know what Mediterranean Literacy is all about.
    • Receive activities for you to consider using in your lessons.
    • Be inspired to identify a topic for your school project to become a European Blue School