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Published on: Wed, 18/08/2021 - 14:29
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    Europe's coasts are suffering from increasing coastal erosion. Coastal zones are retreating, in 2004 about twenty thousand kilometres of coasts faced serious impacts.  Land and sea interact with each other along the coast line.  As long as there is enough space and buffer zones, these processes do not cause grave problems. The challenges arise when coastal zones are highly urbanised and urbanisation draws nearer to the shoreline. Climate change aggravates coastal erosion even more.

    • Which map shows you the coastal erosion?
    • Zoom in on a particular area to see details.  Check in the legend to see what the different colours mean.  Click on the interactive map to get more details.
    • What influences erosion? Look for indicators in other maps: currents, wave heights, wind direction, composition of the sea bottom, sediments?
    • What does the bathymetry and topology layer teach you?
    • What can happen when the sea level rises?
    • What is the opposite of erosion? Have a look at the seabed sediment accumulation rates.