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The EU4Ocean coalition: what, what for, how?

Event date:
24/09/2020 - 09:30 to 10:30
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    The opening workshop of the first event of the EU4Ocean coalition underlined the societal and political importance of collective action for cost-effective ocean literacy in Europe. It introduced the logic of the online workshops organised as part of the event, from the introduction of the established ocean literacy communities to the many opportunities to contribute to the formation of collective initiatives at the European and sea-basin scales.

    The EU4Ocean coalition, an initiative supported by the European Commission (DG MARE), was launched on World Ocean Day June 8th, 2020. It was followed with the 1st EU4Ocean workshop – Designing Ocean Literacy action in Europe, a 2-day event with 12 workshops. The opening workshop aimed to:

    • Raise the political profile of the overall event, giving visibility to the EU4Ocean coalition initiative supported by the European Commission
    • Illustrate the main principles guiding the event and the EU4Ocean coalition: That it should be collective, co-built, and action-oriented
    • Present the focus, organisation of and key contributors to the two-day event.  

    The opening workshop set the scene for the 11 workshops and stressed the importance of collective actions for all, across all levels – building on the experience and vision of decision makers from local to European scales.

    Workshops speakers and panellists:

    Christos Economou, Acting Director, Directorate Maritime Policy and Blue Economy, DG MARE European Commission; Francesca Santoro, Ocean Literacy Programme Specialist IOC/UNESCO; Tonino Picula, chair of the Searica Intergroup, European Parliament; Ricardo Serrão Santos, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Portugal.

    The opening workshop also introduced the objectives and agendas of the online workshops across the two days, building on lively pitches from James Nikitine from Manaia Productions – co-chair of the EU4Ocean platform, Thomas Lesage, Children For the Oceans – founding member of the Youth4Ocean Forum, Nicola Bridge, President of the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) supporting the establishment of the EU Network of Blue Schools, Elisa Baldrighi, Ocean Literacy Italia, EU4Ocean Platform and Thematic Working Group Chair, and Pierre Strosser, ACTeon (France) on behalf of all co-organisers of the 5 sea basin workshops.

    The cherry on the cake? The announcement of winners of the #YoungOceanWaves contest by Andreea Strachinescu, Head of Unit Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment, DG MARE, EC:

    1st: Djemila Tassin

    2nd: Mariana Mata Lara

    3rd: Gabriele Tiskeviciute


    What is next?

    Combining our resources, capacities and expertise for delivering collective actions!

    Feel inspired? Join the Coalition, find your community, start co-create with others, take part in advocacy campaigns, and be part of the change! Contact us:

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    The workshop is organised as part of the EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy. Further information on EU4Ocean is available on the website.