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Founding members of the Youth4Ocean Forum

Published on: Thu, 09/07/2020 - 13:02
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    We are happy to announce the 41 founding members of the Youth4Ocean Forum.

    41 young people from all over Europe have been nominated and have agreed to become founding members of the Youth4Ocean Forum. Over the next two years, they will work together to turn their innovative ideas into actions for the ocean.

    They are located in five European sea-basins, and they have been asked the following question to introduce themselves: “What made you realise that you wanted to make a difference for the ocean?” Keep reading to discover their answers and who they are!

    Check out the founding members here! [PDF, 1,36 MB]


    You can also read the stories of some of our founding members by clicking on the following links:

    Eloïse Faure, lifeguard, surfer and young activist from the South of France, and volunteer for Surfrider Foundation Europe.

    Nil Rodes, young passionate scientist from Barcelona, studying polar and marine science in Germany.

    Olivia Garcia, young graduate in environmental science and volunteer for Surfrider Fondation Europe.

    Anne-Laure Le Lay, maritime lawyer and sea lover from the South of France.

    Natalie Prinz, passionate young marine scientist from Germany and All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador.

    Valentine Charlet, teacher and sailing addict from the North of France.

    Alina Greceanu, teacher from Constanta in Romania and active volunteer for Mare Nostrum NGO.

    Maria Jaeger, inspiring young researcher from Germany.

    Thomas Lesage, high school student from Brittany, France, and founder of the Children for the Ocean NGO.

    Salomé Bellon, young activist from the South of France, studying to become an environmental lawyer to protect the ocean.

    Esther Blanco Rayón, ocean lover and curator of the Basque Microalgae Culture Collection from Bilbao in the Basque country.