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Public consultation – Draft Strategic Research Agenda proposed by the health industries for the potential public-private European Partnership for Health Innovation

Published on: Mon, 28/10/2019 - 08:10
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    The European Commission is working on the preparation of a new public-private European Partnership for Health Innovation under Horizon Europe, the next Research and Innovation Framework Programme. This partnership would build on the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) but would significantly expand its scope and partners beyond the pharmaceutical sector to include the medical technology sector and other health-related industries.


    The overall objective is to facilitate technology convergence in order to develop innovative health care solutions that would respond to unmet public health needs and that could be taken up by healthcare systems.

    The health industries currently involved in the preparation of this partnership developed a draft Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) outlining the key research orientations and activities for this initiative. The health industries have just launched a public consultation on their SRA proposal to collect the opinion of all stakeholders (patients, academia, SMEs, research organisations, regulatory agencies, HTA bodies, public authorities, healthcare payers, etc.). The contributions will help to further shape the Strategic Research Agenda that would later on become a key reference document defining the scope of this partnership.

    It is therefore of the greatest importance that you give your opinion on the industry’s draft SRA. The SRA text, slides and questionnaire are available at:

    The consultation will be open until 24 November.