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The Business 2 Sea / Sea Forum

Event date:
14/11/2018 (All day) to 16/11/2018 (All day)
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    an international event dedicated to the development of projects and business in the different sectors of the marine and maritime economy. It is open to the participation of all organizations - companies and business associations, higher education institutions, research centers, entities with intervention in the marine and maritime.

    In 2018 we will celebrate the 8th edition of the event that this time will be dedicated to the "Challenges of the Sea towards 2030" and, like previous years, it will encompass a diversified program that includes:

    • A Conference commemorating the National Day of the Sea in Portugal, with the participation of international experts and representatives of European and national public authorities;
    • A set of seminars and thematic workshops to be held in parallel, focusing on topics such as Nautical Tourism, Marine Resources, Marine Technologies, Employment and Training, Marine Industries, Marine Energies, Ports and Maritime Transport, Sustainability of the Marine Ecosystems, Cross-border and Atlantic Cooperation and Oceans Literacy.
    • A program of International Business Meetings (B2B);
    • A program of Pitches - "Curtas de Mar" dedicated to short presentation of projects and initiatives in the area of ​​the economy of the Sea;
    • A showcase of marine products and technologies;
    • Moments for networking and for tasting of products of the Sea.


    B2S / Fórum do Mar 2018 is an initiative organized by Forum Oceano, a private non-profit association with public utility status, within the framework of its mission to promote the Portuguese Sea Cluster, in collaboration with CETMAR Foundation, a counterpart public organisation in Galicia, Spain.

    The B2S / Fórum do Mar will take place from November 14 to 16, 2018 at the Alfandega Exhibition Center in Porto.


    The B2Sea / Sea Forum is intended for all organizations - companies, associations, educational institutions, R & D centers, technology centers, public bodies involved in marine affairs, and professionals, researchers and students working in areas linked to the Sea. The previous editions of the event counted, each one of them, with more than 1.300 participations in all the proposed activities.


    Participation is free upon registration to the different events, according to the following specifications:

    • The conferences and seminars are open to the public, participation is free of charge upon registration through the digital platform, starting in September 2018;
    • The thematic workshops are open to the public (except those that take place in the context of ongoing projects in which participation will be by invitation), participation is free of charge after registration through the event digital platform, expected available from September 2018;
    • The professional and business meetings are open to all companies, higher education institutions, R & D centers and other organizations with intervention in the Sea area. The participation is free upon registration on the digital platform, starting next October. To participate, the interested parties should prepare and submit a brief presentation of their profile and interests that will be made available on the digital platform. Organizations which are interested in contacting will arrange their meetings through the platform. The final program of the meetings will be announced to the contact person indicated by interested parties before the event.
    • • The "Curtas de Mar" consist of brief presentations of 10 to 15 minutes, to be delivered in a specific area for this purpose, nearby the lounge. Participation is open and free upon registration. Projects, companies, institutions, businesses, opportunities, technologies and new products around the marine and maritime areas can be presented. The registration should be done in platform from next October, until the dates of the event.
    • Participation in the showroom for products and technologies is open to all interested to showcase their products, services and technologies. It will also include an area for institutional presentations. Two types of participations will be admitted: a permanent stand during the whole time of the event; or, as an alternative, the use of a shared space in which each organization will have slots for showing products, technologies, etc. within a maximum duration of two hours. Participation in this space will be paid according to a price list that will be made available in a timely manner. Forum Oceano and CETMAR members will benefit from special participation conditions.


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