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Meeting Summary: 4th Experts' meeting towards SRIA for the Black Sea, 27.3.2018, Istanbul/ Next meeting >> 30 May 2018

Published on: Mon, 23/04/2018 - 17:28
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    Dear all, Thank you for participating at the 4th meeting for developing a Blue Growth Initiative for Research and Innovation in the Black Sea, held in Istanbul on 27 March 2018. We are particularly grateful to BSEC, and the Secretary-General Amb. Christides, for hosting us in the BSEC Headquarters and for the tasty dinner at the Bosporus!

    The meeting brought together 37 participants (list attached), incl. senior officials from the Foreign ministries of Turkey, Russia and Romania. Besides BSEC, representatives of the Black Sea Commission and the CPMR took part in the discussions. The meeting was another step in the process towards developing a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) for the Black Sea based on the experience of similar processes in the Baltic (BONUS), Atlantic (Galway&Belem) and the Mediterranean (BLUEMED).

    The forum took stock of the results of the gap analysis carried out by the experts of the Middle-East Technical Uni (METU) of Turkey based on a sample of over 350 completed research projects (since 2011) and managed to agree on a set of common challenges that can be distilled from there. This work will pave the way for a “vision paper”, an appeal of the research community to the Black Sea policy makers and international donors, to support their work in shaping the future SRIA. The resourceful METU team has prepared and compiled a set of documents including the latest versions of the matrixes, the presentations of the last workshops, the projects list, the contributions table, the results from all breakout groups and the elements for the SRIA.

    You can find them in attachment below.










    Next steps:

    • Please have a look at the results of the break out group discussions (power point presentations attached) and send us, and Baris’ team (, your comments/suggestions/ideas by 30 April; Your feedback may include, but not limited to, the vision statements you prefer most among the 4 options;
    • METU team will start drafting the vision paper based on the elements of the group discussions and the results of the mapping exercise (matrixes);
    • The consultation on the draft vision paper will follow via e-mail in May and the draft document to be circulated to all of you well before the next meeting (30 May) so you have time for internal consultations and drafting suggestions;
    • Your continuous input on the matrixes is welcome anytime.


    Practical arrangements:

    • Next meeting will take place on the 30 May in Burgas to finalise the vision paper and plan the next steps towards the SRIA, i.e. structure of pillars, objectives, actions, engagement with the public authorities and overall choreography;
    • Please SAVE THE DATE, 30 May 2018, in your calendars, before you get contacted by our event managers about your travel and accommodation;
    • The European maritime day will take place on 31 May and 1 June also in Burgas; you are invited to register and take part in the vivid programme.


    This summary and all supporting documents will be uploaded on the dedicated space for exchange of information related to this group on the Maritime Forum. Pictures gallery is available here.

    As mentioned before, please signal to us should we not have included one participant or anyone else who is interested in contributing to this interesting joint endeavour.

    As our chair, Sigi Gruber, has been stressing during all our meetings – “the door is open”!


    Thank you in advance for this excellent cooperation.

    Thanks also to our partners from IFREMER, EUROGOOS and Vangelis for your continuous input and facilitation of the group exercises!


    With kind regards and looking forward to the meeting in Burgas,


    on behalf of the DG MARE and DG RTD teams