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Maritime Spatial Planning for Blue Growth - How to plan for a sustainable Blue Economy

Event date:
11/10/2017 (All day) to 12/10/2017 (All day)
Table of Contents
    conference 11-12 October 2017


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    The conference was aimed at both MSP practitioners, authorities as well as industry representatives and was attended by Mr. Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

    The conference set out to provide a forum for discussion and exchange, offering concrete examples and guidelines on how to apply MSP as a tool to support sustainable maritime economic development (‘Blue Growth’). In particular, the conference aimed to:

    • Share best practices on how MSP can lead to certainty and sustainability of the Blue Economy;
    • Discuss approaches and experiences of conflict resolution and overcoming tensions;
    • Discuss approaches and experiences towards synergies, co-location, etc.;
    • Discuss approaches, experiences and various purposes on how to anticipate future maritime developments and their spatial implication – enabling planners to really ‘plan for the future’;
    • Discuss how the MSP process can facilitate a better understanding of the needs across maritime sectors stakeholders and ecosystems, thus fostering a more sustainable economic development;
    • Discuss the role/needs of traditional maritime mobile sectors such as shipping & fishery versus the place-based needs of relative newcomers such as offshore energy & aquaculture

    For more information, please visit the MSP Platform and follow us on Twitter @EU_MSP_Platform and the hashtag #MSP4BG. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact


    • Javier García Sanabria's picture

      Dear Mr/s,
      I would like to attend at the meeting, is that possible? I´m a university profesor on MSP and ICZM, with experience working in Spain, but also in several latinamerican countries.
      Thank you in advance for your attention,
      Dr. Javier García Sanabria
      University of Cadiz

    • Dr. Jose Aguilar-Manjarrez's picture

      Do you have additional information about the workshop? e.g. envisioned outputs from the workshop, venue, list of participants?. Is there an opportunity to make an oral presentation?