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Blue Cloud workshop

Event date:
28/03/2017 - 00:00
Table of Contents
    stock taking of existing initiatives and discussion of way forward

    Pilot Blue Cloud Workshop

    Location: Brussels Place Madou 1 - 1210 - Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode

    Room: (MADOU 32/025)

    background document

    1.  Welcome and introduction (10:00-10:10)

    • Sigi Gruber (European Commission – DG RTD – Marine Resources)

    2. The European Open Science Cloud (10:10-10:30)

    • Mihaela Meresi (DG RTD) "Building the EOSC - a Roadmap"
    • Victoria Tsoukala (DG CNECT) "Setting the foundations for the EOSC: e-infrastructure integration and consolidation in the WP 2018-2020"


    3. Stock taking of existing initiatives (10:30-13:00)

    1) Brian Matthews - EOSC-Pilot

    presentation on EOSC pilot

    2) Gilbert Maudire - SeaDataCloud

    presentation on SeaDataCloud

    3) Helen Glaves   - ODIP 2

    presentation on ODIP2

    4) Jan-Bart Calewaert – EMODnet

    presentation from EMODnet

    5) Stephane Tarot – AtlantOS

    presentation on SeaDataCloud

    6) Glenn Nolan – EuroGOOS

    7) Fabienne Jacq (DG GROW) - Copernicus

    presentation on Copernicus

    8) Donatella Castelli - BlueBridge: Blue Cloud and Blue Growth

    presentation on BluEBRIDGE

    9) Federica Foglini – EVER-EST: Sea Monitoring VRC

    presentation on EVEREST

    10) Klaas Deneudt – EMBRC

    presentation on EMBRC

    11) Damien Eveillard – TARA

     presentation from TARA

    12) Gauvain Wiemer – KDM

    presentation from KDM

    Lunch Break 13.00-13.45

    4. Pilot Blue Cloud (13:45-14:45)

    Each expert to present in 4 minutes what are the gaps and what – in his/her view - a pilot Blue Cloud should focus on.

    suggestions from Atlantos

    priorities from EMBRC

    needs for blue cloud from TARA

    suggestions from Everest

    suggestions from KDM

    presentation on ODIP2

    suggestions from bluebridge

    suggestions from SeaDataCloud


    5. Structured Discussion session and identification of the way forward (14:45-16:15)

    6. Concluding Remarks (16:15-16:30)