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Lunchtime conference on coastal mapping

Event date:
08/12/2016 - 12:30
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    water shallower than ships' draughts have traditionally not been mapped extensively but increasing use of marine space is leading to a demand for cost effective mapping of underwater topography

    The Coastal Mapping project is part of the EU's "marine knowledge 2020" initiative and a milestone in the collaboration between the International Hydrographic Organisation and the European Commission begun in 2012 when Commissioner Damanaki and Admiral Alexandros Maratos signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Monaco.

    Its strategic objective is to develop an innovative analysis of the needs, gaps and means in Europe for the acquisition of marine data in coastal areas, as well as concrete propositions for the development of European strategy for marine data acquisition.

    To address these objectives, the project:

    • developed propositions concerning an infrastructure enabling partners to prepare, update, aggregate and disseminate;
    • assessed consistency of the existing vertical datum, listed and summarized past experiences and best practices, developed and tested an algorithm for choosing the most appropriate surveying method;
    • developed strategic axes to draw a Joint European Coastal Mapping Programme (JECMaP) in shallow waters for high resolution bathymetric data.

    The lunchtime conference will take place in the downstairs meeting room of Rue Joseph II, 99. it will present the achievements and open a discussion about possible next steps.

    presentation at lunchtime conference

    digital mapping and on-line maps

    sharing experience and best practice

    future programmes

    summary of project