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How to register to the European Maritime Day Community

Published on: Fri, 20/11/2015 - 06:40
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    this will allow you to create proposals for events or workshops that are visible to the rest of the community or (if you wish) to everybody, to comment on other people's proposals or to engage in chats with the rest of the community

    Identifying Yourself

    First go to the homepage

    Then identify yourself by logging in. We use the ECAS system which is used by all institutions of the European Union


    how to login (click to enlarge)

    If you do not have an ECAS login then you can get one. We found a nice description of how to do this on the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal

    Requesting to join community

    click on 'communities'


    click on communities

    look for 'European Maritime Day' Community and ask to join


    ask to join European Maritime Day community

    wait for message from administrator to confirm that you are a member