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EMODnet-INSPIRE Workshop - Agenda

Event date:
30/06/2015 - 15:30 to 19:30
Table of Contents
    The workshop aims to establish a two-way exchange of information on the status and approaches used and developed by both initiatives as well as discuss the links between INSPIRE and EMODnet.

    Date: Tuesday 30 June 2015 from 13:30 until 17:30

    Location: Joint Research Centre (JRC), Via E. Fermi 2749, I-21027 Ispra (VA), Italy

    Moderator: Keiran Millard

    Aim of the meeting:

    EMODnet is a data initiative that aims to follow INSPIRE principles and standards. The workshop aims to establish a two-way exchange of information about the status and different approaches used and developed by both initiatives and discuss the links between INSPIRE and EMODnet. This will contribute to provide EMODnet portal developers practical knowledge on INSPIRE and will inform INSPIRE experts/staff about EMODnet developments and the specificities of handling marine data.

    Meeting Start at 13:30

    • Welcome and tour de table - expectations from the participants for this meeting

    • Status of EMODnet infrastructure and key approaches in view of INSPIRE implementation rules – coordinators of participating thematic nodes and the central portal – 30’ + 30’ discussion

      • Aim is to address core EMODnet approaches among others related to metadata, standards and OGC interoperability implemented on products and used to build use cases on the central portal to clarify the present status of our infrastructure in comparison to INSPIRE implementation rules and to see which steps should be undertaken to converge more.

    • Presentation and updates on European Commission Marine Pilot project – Paul Smits, Andrej Abramić, Carmelo Attardo – 20’ 

      • The Marine Pilot project is a partnership between selected Member States, the Commission, and the European Environment Agency aiming at providing guidance on how to implement and use the Infrastructure for Spatial Data Information in European Community (INSPIRE) Directive 2007/2/EC for data management related to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC.  One of the project tasks is also to explore the relationships between MSFD, INSPIRE and IMP/EMODnet.Concluding remarks - maintaining realistic expectations from both sides - what progress is possible and what not? What actions can be taken forward?

    • Analysis of INSPIRE requirements and technical details vs EMODnet infrastructure features (focusing on one EMODnet portal) – Paul Smits, Andrej Abramić, Carmelo Attardo – 10’+30’ discussion

      • Discussion how developed EMODnet data flows and network services can contribute to MSFD and INSPIRE implementation

      • INSPIRE geoportal – can be used as additional discovery services for the EMODnet ?

      • Multidisciplinary nature of marine data often not limited to one inspire team

      • Possible agreement on the training activities provided by JRC to EMODnet technical data experts

    Meeting Ends 17:30

    Invited Participants:

    • EMODnet Steering Committee members and members of the EMODnet Ad-Hoc Technical Working Group
    • European Commission, EEA and JRC INSPIRE staff

    If you feel you should be invited to this meeting, please write an email to Andrej Abramić from JRC ( or Jan-Bart Calewaert from the EMODnet Secretariat (