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3rd EMODnet Steering Committee Meeting - Agenda

Event date:
09/12/2014 - 14:30
Table of Contents

    Date: from 14:00 on Tuesday 9 December until 13:00 on Wednesday 10 December 2014

    Location: Borschette Building, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels

    Draft Meeting agenda

    Day 1 - Tuesday 9 December meeting starts at 14:00

    • Welcome and adoption of the agenda

    • Status update of actions from previous meeting & short EMODnet progress update

    • Targeted improvements of thematic and central portal to enhance harmonisation, user-friendliness and usefulness - Secretariat

      • Findings of the Secretariat user-evaluation (status update)

      • Connectivity/navigation intra-thematic portals & between central portal and thematic/regional portals [Meeting Document 1]

      • Common reference to cite use of EMODnet data, products, search or other functionalities

      • Central portal information pages & other points for improvement

    • Central portal use case I - VLIZ

      • Launch of first central portal added functionality – lessons learned and outcomes from the first use case demonstration

      • EMODnet rating system towards full interoperability

      • Planning next steps

    • Feedback from the technical Working Group - VLIZ

      • Clarify roles and operation of the technical group [Meeting Document 2]

      • Report on activities since last meeting

      • List of priority issues & actions planned to address them [Meeting Document 3] 

    • EMODnet in the evolving marine data and observation waterscape [Meeting Document 4] - Secretariat + all

      • EMODnet and other major initiatives and developments (EOOS, Copernicus, Fisheries, …)

      • EMODnet involvement in RTD projects

      • Discussion on the remit, nature and positioning of the EMODnet Checkpoints [Document 5 - To be tabled]
    • Progress reporting and indicators/metrics: further simplification and harmonisation [Meeting Document 6] - Secretariat 

    Day 1 - Tuesday 9 December June meeting ends at 17:30

    Joint Dinner

    Day 2 - Wednesday 10 December meeting starts at 9:00

    • Update on North Sea Checkpoint peer-to-peer data signposting functionality - NS Checkpoint
    • Updates from the thematic lots on specific issues of concern - all
      • Link between habitats and species: is the management of habitat samples ideally within the habitats realm or better with the Biology lot? - JP
      • Development of useful EMODnet Chemistry products - AG  
      • Status of physical oceanographic data within and outside EMODnet (MyOcean, EMODnet, GOOS etc.) - JP & AN
      • Update on activities of EMODnet projects with regard to MSFD, Regional seas, INSPIRE and other key initiatives - SC
      • Progress single sign on & adoption of new technologies - AN & SC
      • Harmonisation of various inputs into a useful EMODnet bathymetry DTM product - DS
      • Relevance of assessing accuracy (intrinsic to data) and confidence (relative to user) - JP
      • Human Activities WFS services, new datasets and stakeholder interactions/event - AP 

    • EMODnet events 2015 - Secretariat
      • Joint EMODnet Meeting 2015 with back-2-back thematic project meetings (location, dates, format, practical implications, support, etc.) 
      • Options for a Joint EMODnet Checkpoints Event 2015
      • EMODnet@EMD2015
      • Other opportunities to raise the profile of EMODnet?
    • Issues of common concern - Secretariat and DG MARE
      • How to prepare for the next phase?
      • Using EMODnet partner emailinglists - AG
      • Future EMODnet governance, advisory and user group(s)
    • AOB
    • Next SC Meeting date and location
    • Wrap up and closing of the Meeting 


    Day 2 - Wednesday 10 December meeting ends at 13:00