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EMODnet@EurOCEAN2014 pre-event: Connecting people with data

Event date:
06/10/2014 - 16:00 to 20:00
Table of Contents

    Date: 6 October 2014, from 14:00 to 18:00

    Location: Giacomello room, Italian Research Council (CNR) Headquarters, Rome Italy

    Meeting Chair: Phil Weaver

    The EMODnet@EurOCEAN pre-event introduced the data services provided by EMODnet as a core component of an end-to-end system for European ocean observation, data management and provision, emphasising the need for close collaboration between the various actors and related data initiates as well as between science and industry for new technologies and services in support of Blue Growth. Participants illustrated how EMODnet fits in the wider marine data landscape in Europe and presented new sea-basin level approaches to evaluate marine data availability and observation capacity from a use-perspective. Participants also discussed current bottlenecks and future requirements to guide further development of this long term marine data initiative into a fully operational, efficient and user friendly service addressing the needs of the marine science, policy and industry communities.

    Session 1: EMODnet in the marine data landscape

    Session 2: Optimising data acquisition and access to data resources 

    Session 3: Making EMODnet fit for purpose and user friendly: are we realising the vision for EMODnet?


    Closing remarks

    • Forward look from DG MARE on funding opportunities and the next phase: is EMODnet here to stay? - Richard Bates (DGMARE)