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Published on: Mon, 14/07/2014 - 11:07
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    How CISE can help oil-spill response

    An oil spill or containers fallen adrift from a cargo vessel have been located on the maritime boundary between countries A and B, in an ecologically sensitive area. There is a high risk for other vessels navigating in the area, and of environmental damage. Precise monitoring of the oil slick/containers is vital, to allow for better and more relevant decisions to be made (use of anti-pollution vessels, maritime traffic regulation, etc.).

     Data sources

    Satellite and aircraft pictures (both military and civilian) of the affected area are available, as is detailed environmental data, and local weather forecasts (including sea currents, wind data, etc.).

    Current Situation 

    Cooperation does exist in such cases involving depollution assets, but the sharing of IT tools and information remains on a manual basis via telephone, fax and email, which can be both time consuming and a source of errors. Ecological and scientific data are often not directly usable and therefore not considered. National authorities often duplicate surveillance tasks, and complementary decision-making is slower and more difficult.

    Maritime CISE response

    The drift prevision is based on data provided by both countries and made in real time, and thus the best possible manner. Navigation information is displayed in a coherent way by both countries. Scientific and ecological data are available and considered by all parties, meaning decisions regarding coastal protection are well informed and taken in advance. Operators have full awareness of the depollution assets available, as in the case of search and rescue, meaning more efficient and effective responses to any environmental incident. This allows them to build a shared vision of the situation based on drift predictions, environmental impact assessment and effective cross-border management of available resources.

    CISE Benefits

    CISE allows the prevention of, or the minimising of, disasters and allows authorities to make the best decisions with the best available data, thus better protecting the marine environment.