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4th Regional Meeting of the IMP-MED Project (Bremen, Germany, 21 May 2014)

Event date:
21/05/2014 - 00:00
Table of Contents
    The meeting will bring together officials and experts of the Mediterranean riparian countries, as well as officials from the European Commission and regional organisations, to discuss IMP issues.

    The Technical Assistance Project for the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) in the Mediterranean (IMP-MED Project), running under the European Neighbourhood Policy, will hold its 4th Regional Meeting back-to-back with the European Maritime Day (EMD) 2014 Conference.


    The Regional Meeting will take place in Bremen (at the INTERCITY HOTEL), Germany, on 21st May 2014 with a view to:

    • Present the progress made by the EU under the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP);
    • Inform on the on-going report supporting the development of sea-basin cooperation in the Mediterranean, as well as on the on-going study supporting the development of maritime clusters in the Mediterranean region;
    • Present the state of play of the IMP-MED Project activities both at national and regional level;
    • Give the floor to the Partner Countries to report on the IMP progress and other related developments at national level;
    • Present the pilot ''Virtual Knowledge Centre (VKC) on marine and maritime affairs in the Mediterranean'', and highlighting the future steps, possible improvements, as well as governance issues of it;
    • Highlight the objectives, added value and possible content of a national IMP Work Plan for the Partner Countries;
    • Have an interactive discussion on all the above topics.


    For more information about the IMP-MED project, please visit the website: