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Research and Ecosystem-Based Management Strategies in Support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Event date:
14/05/2012 - 08:00
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     “Research and Ecosystem-Based Management Strategies in Support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive”, takes place 14-16 May 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    The overarching aims of Marine Strategy 2012 are to take stock of progress in regard to implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) as well as to consider and discuss next steps in regard to the MSFD implementation process, especially to discuss how to achieve a good environmental status in all European seas. The target audience ranges from marine scientists over those persons and institutions implementing the MSFD in EU Member States to senior officials and decision makers.

    You can read more about the conference at, where an online abstract submission system is available.


    Theme 1

    MSFD criteria and individual indicators seen in relation to setting the baseline and achieving Good Environmental Status


    Submissions are invited that address MSFD descriptors, criteria and indicators used in the MSFD Initial Assessments. Special focus should be given to the following descriptors: D1: Biodiversity, D2: Non-indigenous species, D3: Commercial fish and shellfish, D4: Food webs, D5: Eutrophication, D6: Seafloor integrity, D7: Permanent and adverse alterations of hydrological conditions, D8: Contaminants and pollution effects, D10: Marine litter, and D11: Underwater noise as well as assessments; and/or the definition of Good Environmental Status for these descriptors and tools for assessing GES and targets in regard to the descriptors and their associated criteria.

    Theme 2

    Building with nature (integration of biodiversity goals and various forms of exploitation)


    Submissions addressing habitat restoration and creation as tool to achieve Good Environmental Status are welcomed. Special focus will be put on marine habitat types sensu the EC Habitats Directive, e.g. reefs, lagoons. Submissions highlighting (1) integration of biodiversity goals with other environmental goals and (2) the potential for creation of artificial habitats in association with other ocean uses, e.g. offshore wind farms, are encouraged.

    Theme 3

    Achieving evidence-based management of marine areas


    Submissions are invited that address how to successfully develop and achieve evidencebased management strategies of marine areas. Focus will be on local, national and regional management strategies.

    Theme 4

    GMES, EMODNET and other monitoring and modelling activities in support of the MSFD


    Submission should highlight GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), EMODNET (European Marine Observation and Data Network) and other national or international monitoring and modelling activities. Contributions describing new monitoring methodologies and strategies; identifying specific data or knowledge gaps and/or strategies for designing new or modifying existing monitoring programmes are welcome. Contributions focusing on MSFD descriptor indicators not regularly monitored, e.g. marine litter and noise, are also encouraged.

    Theme 5

    Defining and attaining high environmental quality under a changing environmental framework


    Submissions should highlight both results and scientific challenges in defining and maintaining Good Environmental Status whilst climate and other baseline conditions and pressures are changing. Submissions focusing on shifting baselines and thresholds and on scenarios and forecasts that include adaptations to expected changes in pressures are encouraged.

    Theme 6

    MSFD in relation to marine spatial planning, including protected areas


    Submissions are invited that address ecosystem-based marine spatial planning, including marine protected areas and zoning in support of the MSFD implementation. Submissions presenting tangible results from European MSP projects are encouraged. Submissions from outside Europe on similar issues are welcome.

    Theme 7

    Linking multiple indicators and pressures in the assessment of Good Environmental Status


    Submissions are invited that address multi-metric indicator-based assessment tools and mapping of human activities and estimation of cumulative pressures. Submissions linking pressures and ecosystem responses/status are encouraged.

    Theme 8

    Best practices in national and regional implementation of the MSFD


    Submissions should highlight activities and results believed to represent best practices in national and regional implementation of the MSFD. Contributions from scientists, NGO’s, and managers as well from internationally coordinated activities, e.g. transnational activities and regional marine conventions, are welcomed.

    Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 March 2012