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7th TAG Meeting provisional agenda - Lisbon Nov 29-30

Event date:
29/11/2011 - 09:30 to 30/11/2011 - 16:30
Table of Contents


    7th  MEETING - Lisbon – EMSA – 29-30 November 2011

    Provisional Agenda


    29 November 2011 (Lisbon) – Meeting 7



    Welcome by EMSA

    Agenda approval

    Global planning CISE 2012-2015

    Gap Analysis progress report

    Step 4: Presentation of the first subcontracted study (Technical mapping/ exist. Systems)

    Study methodology

    Description of support of TAG members to the Contractor

    Review and presentation of each UC input to the Contractor (networks, data models, info disclosure mechanisms, exchange management mechanisms as existing for the 21 EU and Regional systems)

    13:00 Lunch break



    Presentation of the EU Digital Agenda and DIGIT ISA programme with a particular focus on eTrustEx project

    Review Legal columns of Table 2

    Review data dictionary

    Presentation of GMES data access and sharing for Marine Environment and Border Control

    16:30 Live presentations by EMSA of the current information sharing platforms developments

    18.30 End day 1


    30 November 2011 (Lisbon) – Meeting 7


    Tour de table with contributions from each UC on ideas and inputs from the TAG on cost benefits of CISE:

    - How to assess present costs (keep as is);

    - How to assess a cost of being short of data access;

    - How to measure expected improved efficiency;

    Defining various options between extent of CISE and benefits

    12:30 Lunch Break



    MARSUNO detailed presentation of findings

    Step 5 Access rights definition and management for CISE

    Discussion and way ahead

    Meeting conclusions

    16:30 End of meeting