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ISIS workshop

Event date:
14/09/2011 - 06:00
Table of Contents



    Microsoft Executive Briefing Center for European Innovation

    Avenue des Nerviens 85

    1040 Brussels

    Contact: +32 (2) 740 46 11



    When you arrive at the venue, ask for our Microsoft Host:

    Andreas Berthold van der Molen,   

    +49 175 58 44 306,


    Purpose of Workshop


    Create ISIS Consortium and agree a Memorandum of Understanding to build the technical ISIS solution.


    Travel & Accommodation


    Details on transportation & accommodation are available on the Microsoft EBC website;

    Your organisation will need to pay for transportation and accommodation.

    There is no charge to you for the meeting venue and associated meals during the workshop.




    Slide-deck:  Send me any slides you would like to present on the day; will need to set a limit of 5 slides per attendee


    Video: Have a look at this video in advance, to provide you with a flavor of Microsoft technology;


    Questions: There are 2 key questions for you in advance of the workshop;

    1. Role: What role do you see your organisation playing in the ISIS consortium ?
    2. Criteria: What are the criteria which must be met by your organisation to allow you to participate in the ISIS consortium ?




    08:30               Start and introductions

    1. 09.00               Microsoft Vision and strategy : Smart Energy Reference Architecture SERA

    09:30               ISIS : recap on the scope and objectives of ISIS Consortium


    10:00 – 10:15   coffee break


    10:15               Question 1 on Roles: Capture the thoughts from each attendee on Consortium Roles

    11:30               Summarise key points on Role


    12:00 – 12: 30 lunch


    12:30               Spotlight on Microsoft Approach to Visualization  

    13:00               Spotlight on OSIsoft Visualization Demonstration

    1. 13.30               European Commission Perspective on Marine Data Management


    14:00 – 14:15 coffee break


    14:15               Question 2 on Criteria: Capture the thoughts from each attendee on Consortium Criteria

    15:30               Summarise key points on Criteria

    1. 16.00               Confirm Actions & Next Steps
    2. 16.30               Close