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Marine and Coastal EEA/EIONET workshop 25 Oct 2010 at European Environment Agency, Copenhagen

Event date:
22/10/2010 - 08:00
Table of Contents
    Time Title Speaker
    9-9:15 Registration at European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, Copenhagen Denmark. (Conference room)  
    9:15-9:30 Opening Statement EEA: Ronan Uhel
    9:30-11 Session I: EU marine policy context and consequences for future EEA work
      EU policy context EC: Gianna Casazza
      Consequences for future EEA needs EEA: Trine Christiansen
      New EEA Maritime Network EEA: Andrus Meiner
      Changes to CSI 32 needed to match MSFD descriptor 3 ETC/W: Poul Degnbøl
    11-11:30 Coffee break  
    11:30-13:00 Session II: Marine and coastal data exchange
      European Marine Observation and Data Network EC: Iain Shepherd
      EEA priority data flows today and in the future ETC/W: Neil Holdsworth
      UK data availability UK: Mark Charlesworth
    13 -14 Lunch  
    14 – 16 Session III: Outcomes of Regional Sea Assessments
      OSPAR QSR OSPAR: Andrea Weiss
      HELCOM HOLAS Jesper H. Andersen (on behalf of Helcom)
      Mediterranean Assessment MEDPOL: Michael Angelidis
      Black Sea Assessment Tbc
    16 - 16:30 Coffee break  
    16:30-17:30 Session IV: Marine GMES
      Opportunities of the marine GMES services and EEA in-situ coordination Tbc
    17:30-18:30 Session V: Upcoming EEA reports  
      Coastal report Andrus Meiner
      Water blue print Peter Kristensen
      Marine Ecosystem Assessment Tbc
    18:30 Evaluation of the day  
    18:45 Close of meeting