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October 19 2010 First CAMIS Cross-Channel Forum meeting, Exter, Devon, UK

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19/10/2010 - 09:00
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    On Tuesday October 19th, 2010, the CAMIS Project partners (Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy) will be organising the first Cross-Channel Forum meeting in Exeter, Devon, UK. The Cross-Channel Forum has members from France and the UK and provides a platform for dialogue and exchange between different marine sectors, highlighting issues in the Channel region and opportunities to address these in the future national and European maritime strategies. The CAMIS Project was launched in October 2009 within the framework of the INTERREG IVA France (Channel)- England programme. Covering a period of 4years (2009-2013) and bringing together 19 French and British partners, the project will develop and implement an integrated maritime strategy for the Channel area whilst fostering concrete cooperation between stakeholders. One of the principle routes to ensuring cooperation and collaboration will be the Cross-Channel Forum. The Cross-Channel Forum's objectives. The Cross Channel Forum will bring together stakeholders who are interested in the concept of sustainable maritime governance which integrates interests from across the Channel area. The Forum includes representatives from: local and national government, European institutions, research institutes, universities, industry and commercial interests, ports, regional fisheries interests, regional tourism associations, non-governmental organisations and others. By bringing together multiple maritime interests from across the Channel,CAMIS aims to understand the issues facing the region, and identify opportunities to maximise the benefits from current European, national and regional policy developments for all sectors. First meeting of the Cross-Channel Forum The first meeting of the Cross Channel Forum will be organised by DevonCounty Council and the University of Plymouth, and will be held on Tuesday October 19th in Exeter at the council officers. The morning session will introduce CAMIS project and the work to be undertaken during the project. The European Union Integrated Maritime Policy provides the backdrop to the project and will also be discussed. During the afternoon session, a series of short presentations about key marine themes will provide a starting point for stakeholder led discussions about marine issues in the Channel region. During the final part of the day, the Arc Manche Assembly members, including Mr. Alain Le Vern, President of the Arc Manche Assembly and the Haute-Normandie Region, have been invited to join the workshop. Interpretation The Forum will simultaneously be interpreted into English and French. Contacts: Haute Normandie Region – CAMIS Project

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