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The Maritime Forum aims to improve communication amongst EU maritime policy stakeholders. It allows parties interested in the EU maritime policy to communicate on a common platform. They can publish events, documents and follow developments in their areas of interest. Information can be shared amongst a closed community or published openly. Anybody can register to the forum and comment on its content.

EMODnet Secretariat progress update - 3rd quarter 2022

This report provides an update of EMODnet progress made over the third quarter of 2022, and is based on the quarterly progress updates of the different EMODnet projects currently running (i.e. seven thematic lots, and one Data Ingestion facility) supplemented with updates from the EMODnet Secretariat. The summary below constitutes the third update since the start of the EMODnet Centralisation Phase (2022-2023) and refers to all activities developed within EMODnet for the period July-August-September 2022.

Last update: 28/10/22

12th EMODnet (Autumn 2022) Technical Working Group Meeting - Meeting Minutes & Presentations

This article summarises the main discussions of the 12th Technical Working Group which took place as a hybrid meeting (Brussels, Belgium and remote connection) in September 2022.

Last update: 24/10/22

Fisheries – Catches by country Map of the week – Fisheries – Catches by country

The Map of the Week shows the total annual catch of fishery products by European Union Member State as well as for some other major fishing nations, such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland and Turkey. The data are expressed as the live weight equivalent of the landings. This is the weight as the product is taken from the water (that is, before processing) but excludes any products which, for a variety of reasons, are not landed catches by Member States.

Last update: 21/10/22

Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Economy Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Economy

The Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Economy, co-organized by the University of Trieste and the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS, is a unique opportunity to boost your career in the marine and maritime sectors!

Last update: 20/10/22

17th EMODnet (Autumn 2022) Steering Committee Meeting - Agenda

Mature agenda containing all topics for discussion during the 17th EMODnet Steering Committee Meeting, taking place between 7-8 November 2022.

Last update: 19/10/22

Argo Floats Map of the Week - Argo Floats

The Map of the Week shows the position of Argo floats currently in the ocean and seas worldwide. Argo floats collect environmental ocean data, including measurements of the temperature and salinity of the upper 2,000 m of the ocean as well as current velocity (speed).

Last update: 14/10/22

The past, present and future of an integrated Mediterranean

With this episode, we are reaching our final destination in this season. Where can we go from here? What future beholds the Mediterranean Sea and the Mediterranean community. Set sails with us and listen to Blanca Moreno-Dodson on regional political integration and how it contributes to #MakeMedblue.

Last update: 12/10/22

EMFAF 2022 Info Day

Registrations for the Info Day on Blue careers and Regional flagships calls for proposals are open!

Last update: 10/10/22

Sea level anomalies Map of the Week – Sea level anomalies

The Map of the Week shows information on sea level anomalies across European waters.

Last update: 07/10/22

A key initiative of European Vocational Education and Training (VET) policy

The initiative on Centres of Vocational Excellence will contribute to empower young people and adults with skills for fulfilling careers, that meet the needs of an innovative, competitive, fair, and sustainable economy.

Last update: 06/10/22