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The Maritime Forum aims to improve communication amongst EU maritime policy stakeholders. It allows parties interested in the EU maritime policy to communicate on a common platform. They can publish events, documents and follow developments in their areas of interest. Information can be shared amongst a closed community or published openly. Anybody can register to the forum and comment on its content.

Communication & Media

Last update: 09/11/22

Marine Protected Areas Map of the week - Marine Protected Areas

This map shows the ratio of Marine Protected Area (MPA) and terrestrial area for each European country. MPAs have been set up to protect vulnerable species and ecosystems, to conserve biodiversity and minimise extinction risk, to re-establish ecosystem integrity, to segregate uses to avoid user conflicts, and to enhance the productivity of fish and marine invertebrate populations.

Last update: 04/11/22

Youth & Entrepreneurship

Last update: 04/11/22

Materials, Chemicals, Bioactives & Algae Biorefining

Last update: 04/11/22

Ecosystem Services & Bioremediation

Last update: 04/11/22

Algae for Feed

Last update: 04/11/22

Algae for Food

Last update: 04/11/22

Microalgae & Cyanobacteria production

Last update: 04/11/22

Macroalgae Production

Last update: 04/11/22

Macroalgae and Microalgae Production Facilities Map of the Week – Macroalgae and Microalgae Production Facilities

The Map of the Week shows the algae producing facilities in Europe by production methods. Algae are becoming increasingly popular in Europe for food, as a source material for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutrition or energy (biofuel). Companies across Europe are now harvesting, cultivating, or processing them to create high-value products.

Last update: 28/10/22